Maracujá Solutions

Maracujá (mar-a-koo-SHA). It means passionfruit in Brazilian Portuguese, and we can’t think of a better way to sum up our work. Maracujá Solutions is passionate about helping companies in the food, agriculture, and textile industries create a healthier and more sustainable world; the fruits of that passion are companies’ measurably improved triple (people, planet, profit) bottom lines.

Those improved triple bottom lines are achieved after we work together to identify, build, audit, and market sustainability initiatives. And we don’t just do this in the United States – Maracujá Solutions’ extended family of experts has experience with sustainability programs and marketing strategy all over the world in the food, agriculture, textile, and CPG industries.  Whether aiming to achieve an established third party certification (organic, Fair for Life, etc) or to develop a customized program for your company, Maracujá Solutions will be able to draw on its many areas of expertise to ensure your program’s success. We look forward to working with you!

Lisa Spicka, Founder and Principal

Lisa Spicka Founder and Principal Consultant

Maracuja Solutions is ready to make your business thrive.

Since 1997, Lisa has worked extensively in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Brazil on organic, social justice, and food safety initiatives. Her functional experience includes Operations and General Management in the Food and Ag industries, International Development Project Management, Program Management for sustainability initiatives, and several years in organic certification. Her work extends across a socio-economic spectrum that ranges from uneducated peasant farmers to division Presidents of multi-national conglomerates. Adaptability, organization, and an ability to recognize new business opportunities have been her primary assets while identifying and developing the systems and relationships needed by rapidly evolving organizations.