Market and Program Strategy: No industry or business can move forward without a plan, and those plans have to be based on a carefully crafted policies and goals. Maracujá experts have participated in strategic planning, policy development, and goal setting for non-profits, rapidly growing entrepreneurial businesses, and multinational corporations. Whether defining sustainability goals for your company, creating a market strategy, performing an industry stakeholder analysis, or maximizing cooperative industry efforts, we can work with you to identify the strategy and goals that create truly sustainable results.

Program Development: Have your program goals and market strategy in place? Great. But without thoughtful planning and tactics, goals can slip through your fingers. After years of managing domestic and global programs, Maracujá Solutions can build and implement a strong program related to food safety, organic certification, or fair trade initiatives. Whether it involves creation of global standards and auditing systems, food safety programs, metrics tracking, or training, we can help you develop and implement programs that translate your program strategy into a reality.

Measuring & Improving: Continuous improvement. It’s not just a Lean Manufacturing principle, it’s a necessary way of life for any organization or industry to survive. We can audit your company’s supply chain program to ensure audit preparedness and perform gap analyses against established goals. In conjunction with your team, we develop action plans mitigate those gaps. To ensure your stakeholders understand your supply chain accomplishments, we can craft reports to communicate statistics and accomplishments.