Lisa Spicka in Coahuila.

A goat dairy quality audit in Coahuila, Mexico. 2008

Organic, Fair Trade, and Sustainable Supply Chain Programs
• Strong knowledge of organic and fair trade certification processes, standards, and labeling
• Customized supplier standards and auditing programs
• Goal Setting, Design of Sustainability Initiatives

Food Safety Systems
• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
• Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP)
• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Plans

Food and Dairy Manufacturing Operations
• Operational and Administrative Efficiencies
• Production Planning
• Raw product suppliers- relationships, pricing, quality control

Lisa Spicka in Oaxaca.

Training organic Inspectors, Oaxaca, Mexico. 2002

• Business cycle planning
• Coffee, Medicinal Herb, and Dairy Production

Global Project Launches
• Experience launching global regulatory programs
• Establishment of foreign subsidiaries
• Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese
• Familiar with Latin American business culture